A convenient feature to add to your car is the remote start. A remote start feature allows you to start your vehicle and let it warm up, or cool down, before you enter the car. When you install a remote start system into your vehicle you’ll instantly gain a multitude of benefits including:

Custom Concepts Remote Start Systems

Added Comfort
Have you ever started your car on a particularly cold or hot day and then had to wait until you drive around for a bit until your heater or A/C kicked in? Yeah so have we, and it’s not a very pleasant experience. Having the ability to remote start your car eliminates this issue. All you have to do is wake up, make some coffee, press the remote start button for your car, finish getting ready, and then enter your car that is an ideal temperature. If you’re concerned about your car getting stolen while it’s running, don’t. Most remote start kits come with safety features that automatically lock your car when it’s remotely started.

Enhanced Safety
If you’ve ever had to rush out the door on a frosty morning you’ll know that taking the time to scrape you windows can cause you to run late for important meetings. By allowing your car time to warm up and thaw, you’ll eliminate the hazard of rushing away with nothing but a small viewport carved out of the ice on your windshield.

It Helps Your Engine
Allowing your engine time to warm up before driving away helps make sure that the oil is not overly thick an viscous when you start driving. This helps ensure that your engine stays properly lubricated when you start driving in the morning.

It Helps Your Resale Value
Having the ability to remote start your car can help the resale value significantly. This is especially true if you live in an area with extreme climate conditions like Reno. While this won’t offset mileage or overall condition, it does give you an extra bargaining trip if you’re negotiating with a buyer or looking to trade your car in.

There are numerous advantages to adding a remote start feature to your car. For more information about this amazing feature you should contact your local experts at Custom Concepts Reno.