Are you looking for a way to not only protect yourself and your family, but also your car, belongings, and car stereo system? If you answered yes then you should consider investing in a quality car security system. Not only will it help to protect your family and vehicle, but most insurance companies offer discounts to owners of vehicles with anti-theft systems.

Car Security Systems Reno Nevada Installation

A quality anti-theft system not only makes your car more difficult to steal, but it also makes your life easier. The key-fob remote that comes with these systems allows you to lock and unlock your doors from a safe distance and, in some cases, start your car before you get in it thereby allowing you to drive away quickly if the situation calls for it. There are even some car security systems that allow you to control and monitor your vehicles security from your smartphone.

How does a car security system work:

To lock your vehicle all you’ll need to do is push the button that arms your system. After you push that button you’ll hear your doors lock followed by an affirmative siren, chirp, or horn honk that lets you know that your car’s security system is armed. If you’ve left a door open by mistake you will hear a different noise that will alert you to this fact. Once your vehicle security system is armed your car will have a flashing red LED light that will reassure you that your security system is armed and will act as a deterrent for any would-be thieves approaching your car.

If a thief does decide to tamper with your vehicle they will receive either a warning chirp or a full-blown siren blast. The severity of the reaction depends on what vehicle sensors are tripped and the severity of the breach on your vehicle. When you return to your car simply press the disarm button on your remote and your vehicle will unlock and the security system will deactivate, allowing you to enter your vehicle and safely drive away.

Features to look for:

Two Way Remotes: They give you feedback on your vehicles condition and command response
Starter kill: This helps prevent your car from being hot-wired
Motion Sensors: This feature is great for convertibles because it allows you to leave your top down
Glass Sensors: This sensors will trip if the glass on your vehicle is damaged or broken
Tilt Sensors: This will trigger if your car is jacked up or towed
Driver Side Priority: This feature will allow you to only unlock the driver side door giving you an added sense of security
Remote Starting: Consider getting a system that not only secures your vehicle but also allows you to remotely start it for added convenience and safety
GPS: Having GPS enabled on your vehicle will help you track it down in the unlikely event that it is stolen

Installation Process:
Mounting the Siren: The best place to mount the siren is high in the engine compartment under the hood. We are extra careful to make sure the siren is at least 18 inches away from major heat sources such as the exhaust, manifold, radiators, or heater cores. To prevent damage to the horn from water accumulation we always mount the horn parallel to, or facing, the ground.

Sensors: We will position your sensors inside your vehicle in a place where they will sense intrusion attempts but not run the risk of being damaged or getting wet.

Mounting the LED flashing light: Most security systems come with a flashing red LED light that can be mounted to either you dash or center console.

Connecting the Brain: We will then wire your security system brain to your car lights so if your car alarm triggers your lights will flash in an effort to deter the would be thief.

Starter Disable: Most of our security systems come with a starter interruption feature. We will install this feature so that in the event someone attempts to steal your vehicle they will be unable to start it.

Custom Concepts is here to serve all of your car security needs and offers decades of experience installing, mounting, and wiring security systems. This experience allows you to rest easy know that not only is your car safe, but also that the vital functions of your vehicle have not been compromised by a shoddy installation.