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Custom Concepts has been providing custom car stereo systems right here in Reno since 1998.  Locally owned and operated we’re proud to serve our community.  From simple upgrades to complex competition audio systems we’ve got you covered.  Audio, video, speakers, subwoofers and more, we’re your one stop shop!

Car Audio & Video Sources:

Arguably the most important component of your new car audio system is the audio sources that you’ll use most often. By this we mean are you going to be using CD’s, MP3’s, Radio, or are you looking for a nice balance between them? Do you want your system to have a DVD player built in? Basically, what features do you want in your new car audio system?

There are many options regarding screen placement and system setup. The simplest being a single screen in your dashboard providing navigation and audio control while driving and movies when parked, which has become a common feature in new cars. You can also place a car video system on the ceiling of your vehicle, allowing your rear passengers to enjoy a movie or even individual screens in the back of headrests, thereby allowing your backseat passengers the ability to watch different shows or movies simultaneously. Don’t forget about video game consoles, the options are limitless!

Car Video Installation Reno

Apps and Smartphone Integration:

Smartphones have become extremely common and provide an almost limitless supply of audio and video features. Pandora, Spotify, Apple Music, iTunes and more are all available and with this in mind, we recommend that you look at a system that allows you to stream music from your smartphone through your car stereo either via Bluetooth, an auxiliary port connection, or via a USB connection that not only streams your music but also keeps your device charged. These connections can help provide safety by keeping your eyes on the road, which has the added benefit of allowing you to remain compliant with the Nevada “Hands Free” law which states that you are not allowed to talk, text, or otherwise use your phone while driving.  GPS navigation can be offered as a stand-alone service via your new stereo’s screen, or via the existing screen on your smartphone.

Speakers & Subwoofers:

Factory speakers and lack of a subwoofer can be a real weak point in a vehicles overall audio design.  When upgrading your factory stereo to a more powerful and fully featured unit it is often a great time to consider speakers that allow you to take full advantage of your new equipment.  We offer speakers from a wide range of manufacturers and sizes with everything from budget friendly to competition speaker packages.  Sometimes all you need is a subwoofer to take your system from good to great and there are many subwoofer enclosure options to suit your needs.  As your system grows and you add multiple amplifiers and speakers your power consumption may need to be addressed by upgrading your batteries and alternator.

Reno Nevada Car Navigation Systems Installations


For a truly powerful car audio system, professional installation is highly recommended. Every make, model, and year of car, truck, van, and SUV is different and can require vehicle specific parts to complete a proper and professional installation. For instance, most radio, or deck, installations require very careful and precise removal and replacement of parts of your vehicle dashboard and factory radio system. This process also generally requires knowledge of how to correctly wire a wiring harness, or integration harness, so that all functions work properly. This is not only radio functions, but also vehicle functions because incorrectly wiring these systems can disrupt vital vehicle functions. Improper wiring can lead to a total replacement of your vehicle’s internal computer system, a situation no one wants to deal with due to the time consuming and expensive replacement process.

Reno Car Stereo Installation

At Custom Concepts Reno we’ll be happy to discuss all your needs and find the car audio system that best suits you.