Window Tinting

Our highly skilled, certified, and factory trained technicians have years of experience professionally installing films of window tinting reno

Clear Bra (PPF)

Paint Protection Films adhere to the outside of your vehicle creating a virtually invisible shield designed to protect your car from incidental damage.

Car Video

There are numerous advantages to installing a car video system in your car and here at Custom Concepts of Reno we can help you realize these advantages, and more!

Car Audio

Arguably the most important component of your new car audio system is the audio sources that you’ll use most often.

Reno’s Window Tinting and Custom Car Audio Headquarters

The customization services offered at Custom Concepts of Reno aren’t just limited to professional quality window tinting; we are also experts with custom car audio system installations. Our custom car audio systems have been proudly displayed at car shows, sound offs, and trade shows like SEMA across the United States. Our customers have won awards for sound quality, SPL, and overall audio system quality. As one of only a few true hi-fi car audio shops in Reno, Nevada Custom Concepts of Reno provides unique sound systems that are custom built to meet your specific needs and budget!

Trusting your car to the experts here at Custom Concepts of Reno is one of the best decisions you can make. We are car enthusiasts that take pride in our work and ensure that every car is treated with the respect and care it deserves. Window Tinting Reno is our specialty, we treat every window tinting reno job like it was our own vehicle. A car’s window tinting reno should be top notch and high class, with zero imperfections, and that is what we do best! Our job is to turn your car into your dream car, and we can’t wait to make your dreams come true!

Custom Concepts Tinting in Reno, Nevada

For a truly powerful car audio system, professional installation is highly recommended. Every make, model, and year of car, truck, van, and SUV is different and can require vehicle specific parts to complete a proper and professional installation. For instance, most radio, or deck, installations require very careful and precise removal and replacement of parts of your vehicle dashboard and factory radio system. This process also generally requires knowledge of how to correctly wire a wiring harness, or integration harness, so that all functions work properly. This is not only radio functions, but also vehicle functions because incorrectly wiring these systems can disrupt vital vehicle functions. Improper wiring can lead to a total replacement of your vehicle’s internal computer system, a situation no one wants to deal with due to the time consuming and expensive replacement process.